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Firefly Lodge

This is Deb Weir’s retreat facility that she purchased in 2022. Although it is a “work in progress,” she is now hosting small retreats here. At present, there is a large outdoor covered venue that is equipped to handle various gatherings, such as day workshops, small weekend retreats, business meetings, artwork events, concerts, movie showings, support groups, and more. There is also a small cabin that will sleep 3-5 guests comfortably, and 1 small cottage for 1-2 guests. There is a campsite with access to an outdoor kitchen and bathroom with shower.

Reads reviews from women who have attended

"Though I miss my daughters and my hubby too, this is where I needed to be. A time to heal, a time to bond with some incredible women in nature!" J.H.

"We do come home, in a way, when we leave our ‘homes’ and reconnect with nature." J.G.

"I came to this weekend with a lot of stress and a drained feeling from recent events, but just being in nature in a quiet, tree-filled space allowed me to let all that go and just be...what a content and peaceful feeling..." M.R.

"I have figured out why I come to these retreats. It is a way of visiting myself. Here, I'm not the me at work or the me at home or the mommy. I'm just the me that's me." C.D.

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